Competency Based Position Analysis

Every Job
is Unique

Every Organization
is Unique

Every Team
is Unique

Most unique of all is the powerful new system to identify, prioritize and calibrate high performance criteria for a job or position.

What is Competency Based Position Analysis?

The Competency Based Position Analysis is a system for analyzing the unique configuration of Skills, Behaviors, Attitudes, and Values required by a specific job. This is NOT an assessment of a person – but an in-depth analysis of a specific position.

Therefore, when you match a person who brings those unique talents to a specific job, which requires the corresponding competencies, then you are on your way to optimum performance.

What results can we expect?

With the Competency Based Position Analysis you will end up with people who are:

Energized + Focused + Superior Performers

#1 Most Common Hiring Mistake

When you mismatch the job and the person – you always end up with poor performance.

Today’s Challenge

To produce more with fewer people for customers who demand more for less.

How to Meet the Challenge Successfully:

Competency Based Position Analysis

Why the Process Works:

  • Simple to execute
  • Collects the right information
  • Transcends personal biases
  • Performs over 100,000 calculations to identify, prioritize and calibrate performance criteria
  • Delivers the RESULTS You Want!

What You Receive in Your Customized Analysis:

  • Complete hierarchy of competencies
  • Clarification of any position issues
  • Required competencies for the position (in priority)… with validation
  • Easy “job description” development
  • Up to 10 person participation in the position analysis for accurate measurement

But Most of All…

List of specific competency based “Interview Questions” to ask the job candidate for accurate screening!

Types of Positions You Can Analyze:

  • Professional/Management position
  • Sales position
  • Professional position (non-management)
  • Hourly position



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