Sales Meetings Kit

Coaching Made Easy . . . have all of your sales meetings pre-prepared and ready-to-go!

Don’t Lose the Investment You’ve Made Training your Sales Team!

One of the Keys to successful sales training is Sustained Focus.

Unfortunately, sales people can quickly go back to doing things the “old way” and quickly get off target.

Now there is a cost-effective way to sustain the IMPACT Selling Strategies they learned from the sales workshops and make your job as sales manager easier.

The Sales Year: Coaching To Win is a powerful set of CD’s and Workbooks that give you 52 profit-driven sales meetings ready-to-go. This program is formatted for monthly or weekly sales meetings. Keep your sales team engaged and motivated. Topics include:

  • The 21 Most Important Things Salespeople Want to Know
  • What to Do Before You Even Get in Front of a Prospect
  • How to Turn a Suspect into a Prospect
  • How to Sell Against Lower Priced Competition
  • How to Overcome Budget and Timing Excuses
  • Steps to Negotiation Mastery
  • Secrets to Handling Difficult Customers



Sales Meeting Kit

The Sales Year:
Coaching To Win


Have all of your sales meetings
pre-prepared and ready-to-go!

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