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How to Sell at Margins Higher Than Your Competitors is as important to presidents as it is to salespeople. This is a must have guide that presents:


  • Proven strategies for selling based on value rather than price
  • How to price products or services correctly in the first place
  • How to withstand pressure to cut prices
  • How to put it all together into a sales strategy that keeps you profitable

How To Sell At Margins Higher Than Your Competitors



Perfect Phrases for the Sales Call is a valuable reference with winning phrases for each stage of the sales process, providing the right words you need to:


  • Present your products or service in the best light
  • Handle objections and stalling
  • Build trust and cultivate relationships

Perfect Phrases for the Sales Call



You’re Working Too Hard To Make The Sale teaches the science behind the significant tools of successful selling. Here’s hard hitting insider information that helps you understand:


  • What goes on in the decision makers’ heads when they make buying decisions?
  • What do decision makers really want?
  • What you are saying and doing every day that undermines all your attempts to differentiate you, your products, and your company.
  • How you can ensure that no competitor ever comes between you and your customers.
  • Is there an easier way to do it all?

Your're Working Too Hard To Make The Sale



The Words That Work Library System

Learn why the words you use to win business with one customer may be the very words that chase another customer straight to your competition!

Based upon more than 30 years of research, this unique library of information shows you precisely which words work and which words don’t work customer by customer!

If you are selling in the medical arena, you’ll learn that the Words that Work for a medical practitioner are not the same Words that Work for a hospital administrator.

You’ll learn the Words that Work for the entrepreneur are not the same as for a corporate executive!

The Words That Work Library System



Sales Techniques

An effective new sales program for finding new prospects, uncovering their needs, and writing their orders!

You are a sales professional. And to improve your closing ratio, you must gain access to the right people, at the right time, with the right message, every day!

This easy-to-read, easy-to-use book is filled with insightful, proven concepts, tools and techniques for delivering superior numbers to your company by first delivering compelling value to your customers.

Let Sales Techniques provide you with distinctive, up-to-date ideas and strategies to turn prospects into buyers.

Sales Techniques