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These are a “MUST HAVE” for every member of your sales team. These newly released CD sets have something for everyone . . . lessons that will help your sales team sell more value at higher margins.


The Sales Skills Library (6-CD Set)

This 6-CD set contains critical sales skills needed for success in today’s highly competitive business environment.

From Prospecting & Cold Calling to Overcoming Objections and Closing the Sale, these CDs help seasoned sales professionals sharpen their skills and provide the new sales person with a treasure of sales knowledge they so critically need!

 The Sales Skills Library



The HIGH IMPACT Selling System (CD Set)

Our most popular audio set! This CD set brings our two-day IMPACT Selling Workshop right to your personal CD player. This system has served as the basis for successfully training thousands of sales professionals around the world.

You’ll learn:

  • 7 prospecting tips to fill your pipeline
  • How to help customers get what they really want as well as what they need
  • The Master Keys to learning what prospects will buy
  • How to Close more business at Higher Margins

The High Impact Selling System 



How Top Performers Sell

A truly one-of-a-kind CD Set. Based on more than 20 years of sales research and on-the-street practical experience, this CD Set provides the “Insider Secrets” used by top sales professionals.

In this program you will learn the 3 things top sales performers do better than everyone else:

  • The formula for developing the “Eye of the Tiger” and how to maintain it
  • The magical priority system that will revolutionize your sales career
  • Hundreds of tips and techniques to transform the average sales person into a sales superstar

How Top Performers Sell 



World Class Sales Management

There is no single individual more central to the success or failure of any sales organization than the sales manager.

This one-of-a-kind learning system presents the skills necessary for success as a sales manager. Topics include:

  • Insider tips on working with new hires
  • How to keep veterans performing
  • How to make sales meetings productive
  • Literally hundreds of tips, ideas and strategies that will help any sales manager perform successfully within any sales organization

World Class Sales Management



Solving Customer Problems

It takes months to find and secure a new customer. It only takes moments to lose one!

This 6 CD Set contains valuable information to empower everyone in your organization to make more effective business decisions when dealing with your most valuable asset – your customers!

In this unique offering, your team will learn:

  • The powerful secret of learning what customers Want as well as what they Need
  • The keys to conflict management
  • Strengthening interpersonal skills
  • The power to maintain focus on your customers

Solving Customer Problems